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PSO Sottile X and Oxicell


PSO Sottile X and Oxicell

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Esta hecho a base de de ingredientes naturales, NO contiene anfetaminas, cafeina, ni aditivos, Es una formula que te ayudara a perder peso, Sentirte con energia y ganar musculatura. Comienza a disfrutar de tu nueva vida con el cuerpo que siempre has deseado.

Cada ingrediente de PSO Sottile X actua ayudando a combatir las posibles causas del sobrepeso como: La retencion de liquidos, el etrenimiento, la mala circulacion, ua digestion pereroza o la falta de nutricion adecuada.

Cada capsula contiene la cantidad exacta de ingredientes que te pueden ayudar a aumentar la energia fisica, y mejorar los procesos metabolicos lentos.

PSO SOTTILE X te puede ayudar:
-Aumentar la Energia
-Reducir el Apetito
-Combatir problemas digestivos
-Reducir tallas
-Mejora la circulacion

-Alga Espirulina
-Te Verde
- Jengibre
-Vinagre de Manzana
-Sauce Blanco

Detox your body

Is made of 100% natural ingredients that give your body health.
Wellness and energy so you give your best during the day.

The body is liable to be invaded by a large number of products entering the toxic or intoxicating elemnets that are produced by the same body.

Toxic are: Food preservatives,agricultural perticides,synthetic dyes, waste of sugar and refined flour, etc...
Those produced by the same body are: Metabolic process waste, toxic waste to processed proteins within the body, the waste carbon dioxide, etc...

We suggest a detoxify therapy before or along with therapies for arthritis and gout, cancer and benign tumors, liver and kidney problems, stomach, obesity, diverticulitis, migraines, acne and skin(psoriasis, eczema, etc) diabetes,cholesterol, and atherosclerosis. It is suggested that for best results, make a change in your diet, include a lot of juices, fruits and vegetables.

Detox your body and oxygenate your brain

OXICELL: Is a products of excellent effectiveness, helps to detoxify at a high effective cellular level, thereby also making purification and detoxification of our body possible, all this is thanks to the combination of ingredients developed.

INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa (leaf), spirulina maxima, Dandelion(leaf), Mint(leaf), Rosemary(leaf), parsley Celery, Green Tea, Thyme, Spearmint, Calcium and Vitamin C.

Help to:
Reduce weight, detoxify the blood flow, increase your energy, physical performance, digestive inflammation, prevents osteoporosis, oxygenate the cells, blood, brain, liver inflammation and debugging, combat uric acid, gout and urinary problems, regulates blood pressure.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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